Key Sector's of Nectar Shiksha

  • Education & Literacy
  • Women’s Development & Empowerment
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Vocational Training
  • Youth Affairs

Nectar Shiksha Foundation's Team

The Smile Team comprises of people from different walks of life who have all come together with their varied experiences to work towards one mission. It includes people from diverse backgrounds including social workers, MBAs, chartered accountants, corporate professionals, consultants and PR professionals.

The team is a blend of experienced veterans and enthusiastic freshers; all put in sync with the Foundation’s core values which also drive individual thought and action. Smile endeavors to create an ambience where people have the freedom to deliver quality and take pride in their work. All the team members are also given the opportunity to connect with each other regularly. Events and activities are designed and organized to make each one feel, as much a part of the Smile family.

Briefly mentioned, Smile Foundation continuously strives to make the career for each individual personally rewarding and professionally enriching.