EmployAbility is the leading force for a truly disability-inclusive workplace. We empower companies to put inclusion and belonging at the heart of their culture. Unapologetic in the drive for a level playing field, we empower talented neurodivergent and disabled graduates to build the careers they deserve, and ensure experienced employees can flourish and progress.

Employability Today
For many people today, a career for life is no longer an option. Most people will hold jobs with a variety of employers and move across different employment sectors through their working life.

We therefore all need to be flexible in our working patterns and be prepared to change jobs and/or sectors if we believe there are better opportunities elsewhere.

For this, we need to understand that we all have a set of transferable skills or employability skills. These are skills that are not specific to one particular career path but are useful across all employment sectors.

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Disability is the result of disabling environments. The inherent biases in existing recruitment processes and working environments disable many individuals from obtaining and thriving in employment. Our role is to disrupt this status quo and current ways of doing things. We drive the conversation beyond compliance, empowering employers through a road map of practical solutions and achievable goals to ensure all people are truly included.

We are equally committed to empowering individuals. Our dedicated support to talented students, graduates and experienced professionals helps them achieve the careers they deserve. To this end, our Inclusive Partnership Programmes with universities and schools enables thousands of students to benefit from our free advisory services.

We are a not for profit organisation, offering and charging employers for our consultancy services, so that we can provide free support to further the rights of disabled people. Join and support us in the Next Generation Inclusive Thinking.


  • To be a National Centre of Excellence to provide enhanced employability through Training, Research & Capacity Building Programme in the area of Employment under National Employment Services.
  • Decent working conditions and improved quality of life of workers, ensuring India without child labor in hazardous sectors and enhancing employability through employment services and skill development on a sustainable basis.


  • Enhancing human & organisational excellence in Employment/ Career Service by organizing various capacity building programmes.
  • Effective implementation of various schemes of National Employment Service/ National Career Service for the benefit of various stake holders.
  • Monitoring & evaluation of various schemes of National Career Service project on a sustainable basis.
  • Strengthening & improving the quality of Employment services by empowering and enhancing the capacities of the Employment Personnel with regular capacity building trainings.
  • Enhanced employability through capacity building of employment/ career service personnel and developing innovative strategies for career counselling, job –matching and placement.


47,000 youth trained, 28000 youth placed till date. Out of the total youth enrolled under step so far, 96% successfully completed training
65% of the total trained youth got placed in first attempt of the recruitment drive in more than 200 reputed brands
209 corporate engagement programmes and 159 exposure visits were conducted during the year across the country

61% of the total youth beneficiaries were girls