Our journey began in 2006, when our founder noticed the lack of support available to disabled university students in their transition to employment. This also meant that companies were missing out on exceptional talent. We were the first organisation to bridge this gap, empowering both students and employers. Our pioneering spirit continues to define what we stand for, a world in which inclusion is a reality, belonging is the norm.

Ten years after the Equality Act 2010 was the time to take an in-depth look at the way in which this and legislation in different jurisdictions was being translated into practice. What could and should be done differently? What is our role in setting the agenda for that conversation?

Our detailed work and in-house legal expertise, conversations with our partner organisations, students and alumni, brought to our attention that rights enshrined in legislation are not always being put into practice. We are not only addressing this through our empowerment training, but are encouraging employers to develop a best practice beyond compliance approach. This is our Next Generation Inclusive Thinking journey.

Who we are

At Nectar shiksha, we firmly believe that corporate actions play a very important role in creating a climate of positive opinion and that giving back to the Society is not only imperative to the company’s growth, but also an earnest reflection of the values it stands for. Nectar Shiksha work with grassroots initiatives for effecting positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children, their families and communities.

What We Do

Our foundation supports Education programmes that enables access to quality education to the students from underserved communities. Our organization has adopted Scholarship for higher education, Digital learning, STEM and Vocational Technical education as its focus areas in Education.

Our Vision

This Organization was built with a vision of Empowering through Education, and a mission encapsulated in the words below: Educated, skilled and able women and men are a country’s true strength. We aspire to see children who are purposefully engaged, youth that is constructively employed and a society that provides equal opportunities to people with different abilities. Through its corporate social responsibility initiatives, the Mahindra Group commits itself to this.

Our Team

Our Team comprises of people from different walks of life who have all come together with their varied experiences to work towards one mission. It includes people from diverse backgrounds including social workers, MBAs, chartered accountants, corporate professionals, consultants and PR professionals.

The team is a blend of experienced veterans and enthusiastic freshers; all put in sync with the Foundation’s core values which also drive individual thought and action.